Two Potent Cold Busting Supplements

With the cold season upon us (not to mention COVID!) I wanted to share with you two supplements I’ve found profoundly useful both in my own wellness quest, and for patients in recent years.

For many of you who’ve been to see me in the clinic, you’ll be familiar with these but for those aren’t let me extol their virtues.

Medicinal herbs

Marine Phytoplankton

The first is a humble green plant. By humble I mean it’s unobtrusive, the simplest and perhaps most ancient plant on our planet: marine phytoplankton. This single celled algae is something certain species of whale harvest in vast profundity and there’s no doubt those whales know what’s good for them. This tiny plant has a primary potency and spiritual clarity I find almost unique in the natural world. It is literally one of the staffs of life, and as such its seems to have a vibrational power that I see in literally a handful of plants and medicines.

Take one teaspoon of Health Factory phytoplankton (I am fond of this brand, it feels very pure) with spring water and you will notice a near instant surge of power and clear mindedness.

With perhaps the broadest nutritional spectrum of any plant we know of, not to mention high levels of EPA fatty acids, this stuff, I believe, is one of those plants which is going to become a fundamental part of our foods as we degrade our living soils further and further. Right now it’s only the lucky few which know about this, that will surely change.

Nano Silver

Nano silver is another groundbreaking product, this time in the form of another key mineral which is silver. Rendered at nano size the near unparalelled power of silver to neutralise viruses and harmful bacteria is available to the human organism in all its might. It’s funny really that I’m recommending this one on the same page as the phytoplankton. The former is an ancient plant and this nano silver is really quite futuristic and would definitely not occur in that form within the natural world.

Nevertheless ir’s seriously good stuff, use it for colds, flu, bacterial infections of all kinds, internal yeast, just about anything responds well to silver. Now the current laws around silver remains a little problematic and many sites will tell you to take it topically. I take it internally and, as far I’m aware, no law prevents me from saying that. Just use your own due diligence on the matter but, since my old granny used to take colloidal silver and she died at 96 the day after taking her pony for a ride (no joke) I consider that excellent advice on the matter. I like the Health Factory nano silver, they make a very clean, high intensity product.